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The Qoin.Farm wallet app supports Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum as well as a selection of ERC-20 / ERC-721 tokens. Reach out if you would like to suggest adding support of a particular coin or token.


Segwit Enabled

For Bitcoin deposits, your wallet can be configured with native Segwit (Bech32) address format or legacy Segwit (P2SH-P2WPKH) address format.


Secure accounts offer second factor authentication option by Authy mobile app. Enable 2FA on your profile page and log in simply with Authy one-touch feature.

A wallet supporting multiple currencies that allow us to fluidly move from one to the other.

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Vote with your coins. Through regulatory capture, banks have enjoyed for decades a monopoly over money creation by credit issuance. As a result, modern democracies have witnessed a gradual but irreversible power shift from elected political power to exclusive lending power. Only the end of the monopoly over money creation will bring back true democracy. As Andreas Antonopoulos put it, currency is a means of expression and it is up to us as individuals making a choice to use a particular currency, giving it value through our use.

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