Multiple Cryptocurrencies and Tokens

Create your own set of deterministic wallets hosted by Qoin.Farm: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, BNB, BCIO, DAI, REP, BAT, Crypto Kitties, Chess Champs, AE, BNT, BRD, BTU, CEL, CVC, DENT, ENG, GNO, HOT, CDT, KNC, GTO, QSP, MKR, NEXO, OMG, POLY, QASH, SALT, Storj, TEN, TNT, ZRX, and NPX.


Qoin.Farm cuts a small service fee to cover the network fee required for a withdrawal transaction. These days, a typical ERC20 token transfer requires 0.0006 ETH.

An ERC20 Token wallet address must be funded with a small amount of ETH prior to initiating a token transfer (withdraw).
Experimental is still in Beta. Do NOT use Qoin.Farm to store or transfer any significant amount of money.